Squeaky chew toys are very popular and come in a wide variety of styles and options. Dogs love to play with toys and there is a good chance your dog will love playing with a squeaky chew toy. Squeaky chew toys are made of many different materials including, plastic, harder rubber and many types of fabrics. Each and every squeak toy will emit a loud and piercing squeak when chewed or compressed.

Most squeaky chew toys are designed based on the dogs size and breed. Dog squeak toys can be used to boost your dogs intelligence as well as acting as a replacement for chewing furniture.  Squeaky chew toys can be designed for specific activities like throwing and chewing. Puppies will have a blast with squeaky chew toys as puppies are very enthusiastic and quite curious. These toys are a great way to keep your dogs curiosity up without having to constantly reprimand it for doing something like chewing your favorite pair of shoes.